Reform of the Cypriot Justice System

Effective as of July 1st, 2023, the Cypriot justice system underwent the long-awaited reform. This reform, passed by the House of Representatives in July 2022, resulted in the division of the previously united Supreme Court, consisting of 13 justices, into two courts: a new Supreme Court with 7 justices and a Supreme Constitutional Court with 9 justices. Additionally, a dedicated Court of Appeal was established as part of the reform, aiding in the goal of de-centralizing the justice system by separating functions and responsibilities.

The Court of Appeal handles appeals against judgments from all subordinate courts, except for the rulings of the Supreme Court and the Supreme Constitutional Court, as it operates with three divisions – administrative, civil, and criminal. On the other hand, the new Supreme Court operates in two divisions – criminal and civil – while the Supreme Constitutional Court focuses on constitutional issues. Appeals on judgments of the Court of Appeals can be made to either the new Supreme Court or the Supreme Constitutional Court, depending on the nature of the case, only where the case is a matter of public interest, or when conflicting case law arises.

In the context of the Justice Reform, a set of Procedural Regulations was published on July 3rd, 2023, in the official Gazette of the Republic, providing clarity and guidance on certain issues, such as the upgrade of the i-Justice system to include the newly established Court of Appeal.

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